TRIWO Technopark Aachen

TRIWO Technopark Aachen offers optimal accessibility to many metropolitan areas and the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands. Furthermore, through the wide range of established companies in the Technopark, a heterogenous tenant structure is ensured.

TRIWO Technopark Aachen, Philipsstraße 8, Aachen, Deutschland

TRIWO Technopark Bruchsal

This location offers a wide mixture of established companies: from IT, consultancy, mechanical engineering and construction companies to doctors’ offices and culinary establishments. Close to technological hub Karlsruhe and metropolitans Mannheim and Heidelberg, this is a location that cannot be missed.

TRIWO Technopark Bruchsal, Werner-von-Siemens-Straße, Bruchsal, Deutschland

TRIWO Business Center Bad Kreuznach

This five-story business center is located in the center of the spa town Bad Kreuznach. The location stands out due to many surrounding international companies.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Wilhelmstraße 7-11, Bad Kreuznach, Deutschland

TRIWO railway area Delitzsch

The TRIWO railway area Delitzsch has offered companies in the rail industry an attractive company headquarters for decades. Generous storage and production areas are located here.

Karl-Marx-Straße 39, Delitzsch, Deutschland

TRIWO Business Park Edenkoben

TRIWO Business Park in Edenkoben was acquired in 2017 and has a logistical focus. Through the close location to Highway A65, easy access to hubs Karlsruhe and Mannheim is ensured.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Edenkoben Venninger Straße 2, Edenkoben, Deutschland

Airfield Egelsbach

The Airfield in Egelsbach lays near Frankfurt and offers a prime location for the aviation industry. Private flights and flight schools benefit furthermore from the business park next door.

Flugplatz Egelsbach Am Flugplatz · 63329 Egelsbach

TRIWO Business Park Eschweiler

The proximity to the economically rich countries Belgium and the Netherlands and metropolitan areas such as Cologne, Aachen and Bonn set this business park apart. IT and logistic companies will benefit greatly from the location and the esteemed mix of tenants.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Eschweiler Dürener Straße 340 · 52249 Eschweiler

TRIWO Business Park Hürth

This business park offers high potential for future developments with an advantageous position between Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen. Through a heterogenous mix of companies in established infrastructure, this business park offers valuable connections to other branches.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Hürth Goldenbergstraße 1 · 50354 Hürth

TRIWO bodensee business base Immenstaad

This attractive technopark is located at the Lake of Constance, offering direct connections into Switzerland and Southern Germany. The technopark has a focus on research, development, production and logistics. A wide range of development opportunities for tailor designed offices and production spaces are available.

TRIWO bodensee business base Immenstaad Graf-von-Soden-Straße · 88090 Immenstaad

TRIWO railway area Kaiserslautern

The TRIWO railway area Kaiserslautern has been part of the portfolio of the TRIWO Group since 2022. The focus of use is currently on the rail industry and logistics. The property also has a land reserve that is intended for development.

Pariser Str. 300, Kaiserslautern, Deutschland

TRIWO Business Center Karlsruhe

This 8.500 sqm business center is located in the Hagsfelder suburb of Karlsruhe. Through its astounding glass façade and heterogenous tenant base, a modern, comfortable office location is ensured. The business center offers direct transport links to the A5 Highway and is only a short drive from the Karlsruhe Central Station.

TRIWO Bürozentrum Karlsruhe Greschbachstraße 3 · 76229 Karlsruhe

TRIWO Business Park Konz

The suburb of Konz on the outskirts of Trier offers direct connections into Trier and Luxembourg. Furthermore, this business park offers over 85.000 sqm of established production and office spaces and over 10.000 sqm (gross floor area) for your new development.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Konz Roscheider Straße 1 · 54329 Konz

TRIWO Business Park Laudenbach

Laudenbach offers perfect conditions for your company and its development – ranging from direct transport links to Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt to an extensively established tenant community. Over 30.000 sqm of development area for your newest innovative space are at your disposal.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Laudenbach Dr.-Werner-von-Freyberg-Straße 7 · 69514 Laudenbach

TRIWO railway area Leipzig

Acquired in 2022, TRIWO railway area Leipzig is a business park with medium-sized companies from the services, development and rail industries.

Werkstättenstraße 4, Leipzig, Deutschland

TRIWO Industrial Park Ludwigshafen

This industrial park was acquired in 2018 and is the largest integrated chemical facility in the world. Through an established tenant group – mainly in the chemical sector – this industrial park offers great connections and a fantastic location for your company.

TRIWO Industriepark Ludwigshafen Giulinistraße 2 · 67065 Ludwigshafen

TRIWO Business Park Mannheim

This attractive business park is located directly in Mannheim and allows great connection links into surrounding cities like Karlsruhe and Frankfurt. This established business park houses renowned schooling institutes (Hochschule Mannheim) and international companies such as the HQ of Bilifinger SE.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Mannheim Neckarauer Straße 168 – 228 · 68163 Mannheim

TRIWO Business Park Mendig

This business park and former military airport present a wide variety of offers for customers: from airfield and automotive testing use to commercial leases tailored to your needs. Companies working in production, logistics, aviation and automotive industries benefit from the one-of-a-kind offer.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Mendig Am Flugplatz 2 · 56743 Mendig

TRIWO Business Park Mülheim (Moselle)

Following its reactivation as a business park in 2019, this promising site has grown drastically, focusing mainly on production and logistics. Over 18.000 sqm of development potential are at your disposal.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Mülheim (Mosel) Moselbahnstraße · 54470 Bernkastel-Kues

TRIWO railway area Oberhausen (Donau)

The TRIWO railway area Oberhausen was acquired in 2022. The focus of the property is currently on the rail industry.

Sinninger Straße 11, Oberhausen, Deutschland

Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen

Steeped in aviation history, Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen is located on the outskirts of Munich and is a work and research airport also catering to qualified business flights (up to 50 Tonnes). Current tenants form the entire development and construction chain relating to aviation and aerospace technology.

Sonderflughafen Oberpfaffenhofen Claude-Dornier-Straße 1 · 82230 Weßling

TRIWO Business Park Pferdsfeld

Formly a NATO Airfield, the renovated automotive proving grounds, centered around the 3 km runway, are now used to support the development of the future of mobility. Companies in logistics, productions and services benefit from the expansive 317 ha. estate.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Pferdsfeld Industriepark Pferdsfeld · 55566 Bad Sobernheim

TRIWO Business Park Trierer Hafen

This former engineering factory has developed into a well-known business park focusing on production, logistics and services. It offers direct transport lines to Luxembourg and Frankfurt Hahn Airport. Development potential is available to suit your needs.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Trierer Hafen, Schiffstraße 3, Trier, Deutschland

TRIWO Business Park Trier Nord

This centrally located estate offers 14.600 sqm of modern office and warehouse space in North Trier. Direct transport lines to Luxembourg and Frankfurt Hahn Airport are only some of the attractive positives that business park offers.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Trier Nord, Karl-Benz-Straße 8, Trier-Pfalzel 54292 Trier, Deutschland

TRIWO Business Park Westerburg

Located in the Westerwald district, near metropolitan cities Koblenz, Frankfurt and Bonn, this business park has a focus on educational and administrative facilities. Offering over 50.000 sqm development potential this business park is perfect for companies in the logistics area.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Westerburg Reinhold-Ferger-Straße · 56457 Westerburg

TRIWO Business Park Wittlich

Since acquisition in 2019, this business park has grown drastically and currently accommodates tenants in production, logistics and services industries. Located centrally in the popular industrial location of Wittlich, the proximity to metropolitan hubs only makes the development possibilities more attractive.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Wittlich Otto-Hahn-Straße 29 A + 33 · 54516 Wittlich

TRIWO Business Park Zweibrücken

Steeped in military aviation history, this 1.800.000 sqm estate is currently used as an airfield and automotive proving grounds. Established companies and customers enjoy extensive service offers and the close transport links to France and Saarbrucken.

TRIWO Gewerbepark Zweibrücken Berliner Allee 11 – 21 · 66482 Zweibrücken