TRIWO Business Park Mendig

Am Flugplatz · 56743 Mendig


1914: First use as a business location

1930: Development to an airfield

1945: Usage as a military airfield by the French military

1957: Airfield for army aviators, especially for helicopters

2008: Acquisition through the TRIWO Group

Current Use

Business park

Medium sized companies and small handicraft businesses

  • Production (cardboard packaging, innovate automotive systems such as transmission technology and brake systems)
  • Services (Airfield building services and technologies)
  • Logistics

Automotive Testing Center

Use of the airfield as an automotive proving ground for automotive development

Special Purpose Airfield


Location & Distances

Highway access:

A61 – 2 km
A48 – 13 km

Train stations:

Koblenz Central Station – 35 km


Cologne-Bonn – 58 km
Frankfurt Hahn – 88 km

Surrounding cities:

Cologne – 80 km
Koblenz – 32 km
Frankfurt – 145 km


Ca. 1.833.000 sqm total property area

Ca. 30.000 sqm total built area

Ca. 300.000 sqm gross floor area development potential

  • Zoned in the development plan as an industrial- and commercial area
  • High planning reliability
  • Optimal connections with new waste disposal structure


Technical Characteristics

Energy supply:

  • Gas

Internet Connection:

  • Fiber Optic Cable


  • Video surveillance of building entryways and neuralgic points
  • Site security

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