TRIWO Business Park Pferdsfeld

Industriepark Pferdsfeld · 55566 Bad Sobernheim


1939: Opening of the Pferdsfeld Airfield

1951: Use of the airfield from French, Canadian and US Military

1958: NATO base

1997: Movement of the fleet and suspension of flight operations

2003: Acquisition through the TRIWO Group

2003: Declaration as an industrial area and usage of the airfield as a automotive testing center through Opel AG

2015: Operation through TRIWO as a manufacturer independent automotive proving ground

Current Use

Industrial Park

Medium sized companies in production and handicraft businesses

  • Production and logistics (Aluminum gas bottles, polymer and wood processing)
  • Services (Machinery hire, industrial services)
  • Photovoltaic systems

Automotive Testing Center

  • Use of the airfield as an automotive proving ground


Location & Distances

Highway access:

A61 – 23 km
A62 – 57 km

Train stations:

Bad Sobernheim – 15 km


Frankfurt am Main– 100 km
Frankfurt Hahn – 34 km

Surrounding cities:

Mainz – 73 km
Koblenz – 75 km
Frankfurt – 110 km
Saarbrücken – 135 km
Cologne – 170 km


Ca. 3.200.000 sqm total property area

Ca. 1.600.000 sqm total built area

Ca. 1.600.000 Automotive Proving Ground

Ca. 500.000 sqm gross floor area development potential

Technical Facility and specialities

Zoned as an industrial area in the development plan

High planning reliability

Optimal development, new supply and disposal structure

Year of construction

New construction since 2003

Refurbishment and extension of the airfield since 2018


Technical Characteristics

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Visitors Parking

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