TRIWO Business Park Zweibrücken

Berliner Allee 11 – 21 · 66482 Zweibrücken


1951: Establishment as a French military airfield

1952: Use as a Canadian military airfield

1971: Takeover through the US Air Force

1991: Operational change to civilian aviation

2014: Acquisition through the TRIWO Group

Current Use

Business park

Medium sized companies and handicraft businesses

  • Production (e.g., Kubota)
  • Services (e.g., Customer Service John Deere)
  • Logistics
  • Aviation

Automotive Testing Center

Use of the airfield as an automotive proving ground for automotive development

Special Airfield


Location & Distances

Highway access:

A8 – 2 km

Train stations:

Zweibrücken Station – 11 km


Saarbrücken – 41 km
Frankfurt Hahn – 130 km
Frankfurt am Main– 169 km

Surrounding cities:

Zweibrücken – 10 km
Kaiserslautern – 63 km
Frankfurt – 178 km


Ca. 1.780.000 sqm total property area

14.000 sqm hall and warehouse space

5.000 sqm office space

Technical Characteristics

Energy supply:

  • Gas

Internet Connection:

  • Fiber Optic Cable


  • Video surveillance of building entryways and neuralgic points
  • Site security

Zur Zeit gibt es hier keine verfügbaren Flächen.