Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen

Claude-Dornier-Straße 1 · 82230 Weßling


1936: Construction as the Dornier-Work-Airport

1945: Use as a military airport through the US Army

1957: Use as the Dorner-Work-Airport., development of Do 228

1996: Acquisition through Fairchild Dornier, development of Do 328, Do 728

2003: Acquisition through Airbus, development of Do 228

2017: Acquisition through the BEWO GmbH (Joint Venture through the TRIWO Group and BEOS AG)

Current Use

Special and Research Airport

Center of the Oberpfaffenhofen Campus for over 7.000 workers from DLR, AstoPark and other companies from the surrounding commercial area

  • Corporate aviation operations for tenants, including testing and development flight
  • Research and development flights (especially for the Germany Aerospace Center and Ruag, 328 SSG)

Business park (for middle to big sized companies; aviation industry)

  • Production (Aircraft fuselage)
  • Service: Repairs, maintenance (complete maintenance of variable airplanes types for civilian and military aviation use)
  • Research and development (Do 228, Seaplanes/hydroplanes, electrical aero cabs)

Testing Center for innovative aviation mobility

Test field for electrical and/or autonomic airplanes and aero cabs

Location & Distances

Highway access:

A96 Lindau-Munich – 2 km, from there A8, A9, A99

Train stations:

Suburban Rail Neugilching – 1,5 km (Bus transit),
Munich-Großhadern (Express bus transit)

Munich Central Station – 25 km


Munich – 56 km
Augsburg – 69 km

Surrounding cities:

Munich – 26 km
Augsburg – 72 km


Ca. 2.760.000 sqm total property area

Ca. 130.000 sqm total built area

Ca. 41.000 sqm gross floor area development potential in the business park

Legally valid zoning plan outside of the airport

Ca. 285.000 sqm gross floor area development potential in the airport

Legally valid zoning plan

  • High planning reliability

Quick authorization procedures (from the government)

Year of construction

1930 – 1990

Technical Characteristics

Energy supply:

  • Gas
  • Own heating and electricity supply/ network

Internet Connection:

  • Fiber Optic Cable


  • Video surveillance of building entryways and neuralgic points
  • Fenced compound
  • Compound and airport fire department

Further Offers:

Fuel: JetFuel and AvGas for airplanes as well as diesel for cars/trucks

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